Glentress Trail Marathon 2018

The first proper race day of the year was Glentress trail marathon. I had done a few wee short races but this was a wee tester and a good long tough training run which would give a bit of a gauge as to how I was feeling. I had been doing a wee bit more climbing than I normally would do, and although I always feel weak on the hills and get passed by everyone and their dug, I was interested to see how I'd get on. As is my specialty, I had missed just about every planned long run on my plan, for a mixture of reasons. Although this is probably the first time I've missed them for reasons other than I couldn't be arsed.

Anyway...I'd had a pretty rubbish training week in the week leading up to this, and was keen to get a decent weeks training in on the week of the race, and hopefully run on semi tired legs, which I succeeded in doing. 

Race day came and me and Allan set off from Dumbarton about 0715 ish, arriving there about 9. The weather was perfect, little wind, clear skies, and a few degrees above freezing. This meant the course wouldn't be chewed up with much mud, and it had been sunny all week so little snow also. I opted to run in the Inov-8  X talons (which I spoke about in my previous blog). Given the perfect conditions I could have went with my