Tooting Bec 24 hour race

Running intrigues me. It really does. And I love it. It's just such a simple sport. You get what you put in and it is all up to how much effort and pain you want to trade. I love the long races. Feeling you can't take another step and then running for another 8 hours is something I was to experience again and again in my life. The highs and lows are brilliant and its always amazing to be bouncing along amazingly, then 3 seconds later have the energy sucked out of you and feeling like you are running through treacle instead. Years and years ago I stumbled across a you tube video by Michael Arnstein while I was researching other diets. ( For whatever reason this really struck a chord with me. Maybe it's because as he says - there is no destination. I love running in circles and would much rather do that in training and racing than I would a point to point scenic route. So I guess it was no surprise that I found myself at Tooting Bec track years later. I had wanted to do this for years. And here it was.

We traveled by train From Glasgow to Euston, and stayed at Clapham common. This was a great way to do it and if (when) I return I'll be doing the same. We had a range rover (which we borrowed for any avoidance of doubt) and a gazebo and had a good wee set up, which I had bumped from someone else's idea previously.