Cort-Ma Law Hill Race

I quite fancied a wee mid week blow out, and my idea of this these days is a wee hill race instead of trying to rattle 8 pints down the Dog House. The race that happened to suit was Cort-ma Law which is situated on the Crow Road above Lennoxtown. Now I'm no hill runner but I do like to test myself now and again and this suited my shifts and home life.

I had a quick swatch on the website which read  -MANDATORY KIT FULL BODY WATERPROOF COVER, MAP COMPASS AND WHISTLE. Still currently in the hottest Scottish weather known to man, I headed up with my full kit consisting of shorts and vest. And that was it. Sure I wouldn't get lost, and not having used a compass since 1st year, I thought I'd Just go with the 'follow the guy in front' method. But on speaking to the organiser it turns out you actually did need all this kit! Anyway, that's the rules and It'll be the last time I turn up without the mandatory stuff no matter the weather. It's just not fair on the organisers and running about having to borrow kit isn't fun. I ended up using a full sized rucksack and looking like a  novice full kit wanker. Aw the gear nae idea type of thing.