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Snow Snow Snow

Well this week was all about getting back into the start of some proper mileage, instead of just messing about.The week started as normal with Horseshoe Monday, which this week was an easy 10 miles. Unbelievably,  my legs were still hurting slightly from the Trossachs trail race the Wednesday before, so it was good to ease them off.

On Tuesday the snow started but at this point it wasn't very deep. I had planned a hill repeats session. This is one of my weaknesses and I've not ran a hill repeat session for years. I had every excuse ready not to do it and to do an easy run instead. It's too slippy, it's getting dark, I've only slept for 3 hours, the list goes on. But I keep looking at this picture

and I don't want to be this disappointed again. So off I go. 10 reps of running through treacle while my legs are on fire. I'm not sure I was even running at some points moving up the hills but i got the job done and it was good to finally get a leg burner in the bag.

As I continue to work on my weaknesses (the biggest of which is hills obviously) I'm doing all my easy runs that I can on hills.

By this time the snow had hit and I was constantly been rewarded by views like this

The hills even at an easy pace are still working my wee legs hard, but no one is going to give me the ability to run up hills fast, it's not going to magically appear so the only thing I can do is get up them every day. In many ways I feel like a beginner again at this. But I continue on and on, and it's made slightly easier by it getting slightly easier. So already feeling the benefit, and next weeks hill session will be a good bit tougher.

An 18 miler on Friday was pretty miserable. Freezing, icy and pouring rain but I got the job done and my legs at the end felt as fresh as when I'd started, Bonus!

I ended up on 70 miles for the week, pretty much my go to mileage, with 6500ft of climbing. The highlight of the week for me, was running around Balloch Park with my eldest daughter. She didn't ask to go sledging, or go make a snowman, she insisted on going out running with me in the heaving snow. Running can be such a selfish sport, and I often worry that I'm spending too much time away from home, too much time away from the kids when I should be doing other things. But I'm living in hope that it teaches them the dedication and sacrifice that you don't get from book learning. To work hard when you don't feel like it. If you only work hard on the days you feel good, you'll never get anything done.

My favorite miles


I have to say, I am super impressed with Inov8s latest X Talons. Fortunately for me, these come in the team colours of black n red. With all the ice, snow, mud I've ran in this week, I haven't slipped or fallen once! Much better than the previous versions I've used and I've had total confidence in them doing speed work and decending quickly!! You can check them out at the link below here -

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