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Run Rhaw Argyll Monday 20 November

The last week taught me yet again the importance of preparation - I didn't prepare properly before a busy weekend and ended up chasing my tail and felt like I'd thrown everything up in the air and missed catching some of the things that were important to me - which is one of the reasons there was no Run Rhaw Argyll Monday email last week. 

I've done it a bit different this week and each night I've written down my priorities for the next day - this has made sure I've not missed anything that's important to me. If you find yourself missing planned runs or things that are important to you, consider writing down your 5 priorities each night at bed time. Pen and paper works better than the notes app on your phone :)

Anyway back to it and here is this weeks Argyll Monday session; 

I know at first glance this seems complicated but by now hopefully everyone is getting used to running the short efforts hard, and the longer efforts not quite so hard. The purpose of this session is to work on your running power with some much faster efforts. The differing of the paces helps you get used to changing gears during a run or race - this is great for when you are wanting to break away from runners in a group, or make that leap to the runner in front - or even better - have that brilliant sprint finish. 

Run the longer efforts around about your 5K effort, and the short efforts should be almost max effort, 

I am aware this session will be known as The Stinker.

Hope to see you there - if not then enjoy the #remoterunrhaw and please tag me on the socials so I can see everyones efforts.

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds. 

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