Running dominates my life. Sometimes more than others, but it's always there. Often, it's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, day dream about it all day, and think about it as I'm drifting off to sleep. Like the first time you met the love of your life, it's on my mind all the time. I'm at work and I'm wondering what's going on in running land, dreaming about where and when I can run up hills, how the ground will feel, how my legs will feel. Like I've said before, it's one of the more favourable addictions that I am lucky enough to have. There is loads I like about it, other than the simple act of running and putting one foot in front of the other for whatever distance it may be at the chosen time. I enjoy the physical act of it, I love the pain of a hard session, I love feeling dizzy at the end of hard efforts. I love the freedom it gives you, I've seen so many places I would have never seen before had I not ran. Even the places I travel past in another fashion they look different when you run. I don't know how many times I've ran round my block, but every time I do I see things I haven't seen before, even though I have lived in the same street for about 25 years. I now know I can see 96 houses running around the 1/3 mile loop, I can point out on which house the sun rises and sets depending on what month it is, I know which gardens have the best sunlight for the cherry blossoms, and that they will always bloom slightly before the other house. I just notice different things. Running all though the seasons lets you see things you don't get from book learning. You can read all you want about anything, but seeing the same things all throughout the year gives you that something extra, a real life sense of what book learning doesn't give you. You see the seasons change from run to run, you see the different wildlife and birds that appear at different times and seasons. You can aye feel that wee nip in the air before anyone else can. There is something pretty special about beginning a run while the sun is going down, running alone with only the company of the beam of your headtorch, and seeing the sky light the next morning on the other side of the lump of rock you are running on. It's pretty special, and a shame that so many people never let loose to give themselves that freedom to step out that comfort zone that engulfs their life.