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Thanks for making it this far!

I'm Dave Shaw. I run a bit, I coach a bit. I also have a regular full time job. And a wife and 3 kids. 

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I've pretty much always ran. Ever since I won my first race at the fun run in Primary 1 - I've loved it. At times the love for it can come and go like the tide. But simply - I love it. 

Back in 2014 I completed in an Ironman distance triathlon. The run section was on the West Highland Way, and finished going up and down Ben Nevis. I though I could improve my run split if I took a year out and focussed on running for a year. 

I've not swam or cycled since. Going long - and all the feelings that came with it were too much to turn down and go back to the speedos or the bike. 

Since then I've ran some cool races; 

Great Glen Way - 2nd place, 1st place

Glen Lyon - 1st place

West Highland Way - 19 hours 20 ish

Glenmore 24 - 131 miles - 1st place

Glasgow to Edinburgh - 7:09 - 2nd place

Sri Chinmoy 100K - 7:22

I'm currently in love with the tarmac and flat miles. My goals currently are Glasgow to Edinburgh 2024, and then the ACP 100K in 2025 again. 

My performance at races is important to me. But not as important as other peoples performances at races are to me. 

Since joining the team I've coached athletes from completing their first 10K, to finishing the West Highland Way, to out performing my distance at Glenmore 24, and everything in between. 

I love the puzzle of trying to make people better. 

If you're interested in being part of the team, had to the contact page and I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

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