Hardmoors 110

I wanted to run a 100 miler at the start of summer time, mostly in preparation for another crack at Tooting Bec later in the year. Yet another failed ballot attempt at the West Highland Way race meant I had to look at other options. When it comes to actually picking races I really need to look for ones that I am able to take my kids to, and that they can support me throughout. It's part of the reason I enjoy these long races so that they can experience it, and see people digging deep when they really don't want to. It is a much better way to spend my running tokens rather than away somewhere without them. When I looked about for other races Hardmoors seemed an obvious choice. Early enough in the year, loads of off road and most importantly no "ballot" required. The entry process was simple, fill in a form, they reviewed it and I was in after meeting the criteria. Doubled up with a weekend down in Yorkshire with the family it seemed perfect.

Training went well, I had the usual few set backs with some missed runs and some time off due to being unwell but come race weekend I was in a good place, lets felt great and I was good to go. In the lead up I seen it was planned for heat, so I went for 6 sauna sessions (all that I could manage) to try and cope with the heat better. These were all 30 minutes long, and by the last one I was coping well with that amount of time. Up until race day I had done more climbing than I had ever done by this point in the year. A good bit too, so I was confident I'd feel good on the hills like I had been in training.

Race weekend