Glenmore 24

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Glenmore 24 2016

The first Sunday in September 2015. It is a day as disappointment for me, feelings of failure and emptiness and what could have been. I had just finished Glenmore 24 with a distance of 90 miles. Well short of what I had been looking for. I knew I had to improve for the next year. I told Theresa my plan. For the next full year not a day passed when this years race didn't pass through my thoughts. Every time I laced up my trainers, every time I was tired and couldn't be bothered, everytime the alarm went off at 0440 for a run in the dark before work, I was at the start line of Glenmore. I had to better myself.

2nd September 2016

The car is packed. I have all my clothes with me that I could need during the race no matter the weather. We arrive at the Hayfield about 1500 hours. Set up camp quickly thanks to some kind helpers, and the horde of midges start. Not as bad at the West Highland Way, so I can cope. I constantly go through the race in my head. I know how I'll feel and I'm getting into the frame of mind. My pace plan is worked out to the minute and I go over and over it. Im going over and over in my head that it is an eating competition, with a bit of running involved. For those who dont know me, eating is my downfall and the last quarter of races is usually a death march for me due to this. Not this time i tell myself.Soon Andrew Crichton arrives who we are also supporting this weekend and we spend some time chatting the usual pre race stuff.2200 hours and it is bed time. No party for me this year!! I toss and turn but get a good sleep until 8am.

Race day

A pint of porridge for breakfast (we didn't have any bowls) and then I wander about. I bump into Davie Gow who convinces me to go off slightly faster than I had planned. I agree it's a better idea. Back to the tent, tell the boss my plan and I munch down 2 potato scones and a tin of beans. Changed into my running gear of inov8 race ultras, injinji socks, under armour under shorts, runing shorts and my Dumbarton vest. A few wee yoga moves and its time to go to the start line. 

I line up at the front alongside Euan MacMillan who I know and who is doing to 12 hour race.  I know he is going a similar pace to me to begin with so I plan to stay beside him. The horn goes and I take the first step of many. I settle into my pace of around 8:30 per mile average. I dont find it easy to run this slow but it will pay off in the 2nd half. The miles pass easily to begin with. Before I know it I am approaching my first marathon. Just under 4 hours as planned. At this point im in lead position after passing 2 runners after about 16 miles. Im not fazed by this but it is good to know. Im not bothered about a gap behind me. Id ran all the hills to this point. There is about 300ft of gain in the 4 mile loop, but so far so good.

Into the 2nd marathon and I am eating well. Im picking up food each lap and stopping on the 3rd lap for a 5 minute break of stuffing my face with food. Im trying to go as natural as possible with my food. Bananas, dates, raisins and nuts are the order of the day, plus 200 ml of