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25th March 2024


60 mins

What a week for ultrarunning. 

It even made the BBC sports website this weekend. And it's not even over.  

Over in Merica The Barkey Marathons was on. There were 5 finishers this year. 4 men, and then 1 small European woman - Jasmin Paris finished with about 90 seconds to spare. What an achievement that was. By the men too, but Jasmin became the first woman to ever finish. Hopefully paving the way for things to come in future years. 

Many folk recharged their twitter accounts just for that race, and it was well documented on that as the race unfolded. Worth tuning in to next year. 

Over on this side of the pond Chris has been a busy man - capturing many races and training runs throughout the year he has published a magazine which you can either download, or order in print copy -  - have a look and if you're able to, click the link and support. The funds toward this will be going towards Crisis UK. 

You never know when something is going to be the start of something big - sign me up for a print copy of volume one. 

Onto this weeks run; 

2 Longer efforts and then 2 shorter efforts. 

There might be some wobbly legs after tomorrow's race, if so then welcome along for an easy run. 

tag me in your efforts so i don't miss them. See you soon. 


Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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