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1st April 2024


60 mins

I can’t say I’m a religious chap.

Well I could, but I’m not. I would see myself as a logical thinker. If I see something happen I believe it.

Not to go with all the crowd of I’ll believe it when I see it - that’s not me at all. I think the other way - if you believe it then you will see it.

If you believe in yourself and believe in your goals - that’s when you see the end result.

The hardest thing to master is consistency. But if you wake up every day and believe in the process and what you are doing - then you will see the results you deserve. This is different to the results you want - everyone wants to run a 4 minute mile - but if you haven’t put in the work for it then you don’t deserve that.

Believe in the process and you will get what you deserve.

Back to how this started - I’m not religious at all. But the one time I spoke to Jesus he said to me “runneth in circles in Easter Monday down the Argyle”.

See you there.

It’s what Jesus wanted. See for yourself 

Here's this weeks session; 

Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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