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15th April 2024


60 mins

It is almost 10K season - by this time next month the racing will be in full swing and the 10Ks will be coming thick and fast.

The next month or so we will be doing 10K specific session. 

And before anyone asks - yes 'The Classic" will feature. 

But you'll need to wait a few weeks. 

This weeks session sees the short efforts first - this helps you prepare of race day by simulating when you need to make an effort early in the race - to go with the group in front, to move away from someone using you as a wind breaker, to move alongside your team mate and share the work. 

Get the short efforts done at almost full pelt, and then run the longer ones at 10K effort;

If you're not making it down, please tag me so I don't miss your efforts!

Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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