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Run Rhaw Argyle Mile Results

The Argyle Mile returned after missing the winter version this year due to other commitments. Not to worry though, as the usual rain appeared to give that winter feel just as the numbers were getting handed out to the 17 runners who were there to test themselves. The sign ups seen some familiar faces and some new to the park, with some people far travelled to race over the mile distance. Also worth mentioning is the amount of people who were far travelled to spectate and cheer on the runners.

Shortly after 1830 the runners were bounding down the opening straight, having to dodge a busy park that had numerous football games on it. The race quickly strung out by the first corner and it was just over 3 minutes before the first runner approached the bend to be met by the cheering crowd.

Neil McConnell was first around the bend closely followed by John O'Donnell, no doubt weighted down because he wasn't wearing the Run Rhaw colours. Allan Carr and Ally Jardine were close behind as they entered the small loop.

In a repeat from last years race, Roberta Fletcher was the first lady through the first lap, and again followed by Lynsey Wilkie as they went into the small lap.

The remaining runners were strung out and the effort made by everyone was clear to see. Fastest around the bend possibly was Ellis McConnell, who at only 8 years old soaked up the atmosphere and sprinted through the end of the big loop.

First across the line was Neil McConnell in 5:29, closely followed by John O'Donnell in 5:31. Notable impressive is both of these had both raced the Devil o the Highlands footrace the week before, speedy stuff on all those miles. Allan Carr rounded off the mens podium with 5:33, with every step counting as Ally Jardine was a second behind.

The ladies race echoed last years results, with Roberta finishing first in a time of 6:08, 1 second behind last years time, and Lynsey Wilkie crossing the line second in 6:17, notably faster than her time a year ago. Amy Gray rounded off the podium with her time of 8:30. Yet again a huge personal best for Amy this year.

Full results here;

Neil McConnell - 5:29

John O'Donnell - 5:31

Allan Carr - 5:33

Ally Jardine - 5:34

Jonny Maddock - 5:49

Barry Johnstone - 5:50

Matthew Cant - 5:51

Roberta Fletcher - 6:08

Lynsey Wilkie - 6:17

Jonny Cain - 6:19

Chris Sutherland - 6:28

Kenny Baird - 6:30

Dave Clark - 6:58

Ellis McConnell 7:57

Dave Goldie - 8:02

Amy Gray - 8:30

Alana MacDougall - 8:50

Well done to everyone who ran. A special mention to Ellis, who burst an 8 minute mile. All Run Rhaw events are aimed at self improvement, and allows you to measure your progress when we run repeat events. Thank you to every runner who took part.

Run Rhaw is about self improvement, and creating an environment in which we all support every other person there. Well done to all the runners who crossed the line, and then immediately made their way back down the course to cheer on the other runners along with the other supporters. This is the atmosphere we want at all Run Rhaw events, so a genuine thank you, and please keep that up, be it at one of our events or any other race you are at.

Thank you to all the supporters and those who helped time the event. It is really appreciated and makes the events all worthwhile.

See you at a start line again soon, Run Rhaw or no at aw!!

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