Running is not an individual sport.


"We start as a team, we end up as friends"


David Shaw

The Boss

Love running in circles more than running anywhere else. 24 hour PB is 131 miles at Glenmore 24. Currently chasing a new PB on the flat. 


Theresa Shaw

The Actual Boss

Mrs Shaw is behind every good (and bad) run. The best support crew who covers everything from pacing, force feeding bananas, encouragement and tough love. A team is only as good as its support.


Allan Carr

The Chatty Man

Allan is a seasoned ultra runner with 3 West Highland Way goblets and a quickest time of 20:22. He's also ran the Highland fling in an impressive 9:07. Good things to come next year!

Robert Birt

The Popular One

Once beaten by Santa in a trail race, Bob has a half PB of 1.39, upgraded to Dunoon Ultra in 2018 with an impressive 5:33, and a fling best of 11:53. Currently training to run in loops!

Richie Birt

Bobs younger looking brother

Richie keeps to the road and shorter stuff - 2:55 his current best for the marathon and 1:21 for the half. He might have one eye on an ultra :)

Chris Sutherland

The One With The Camera

Also currently in training to run in circles for 12 hours, Chris has a Fling best of 11:31 and a marathon PB of 3:44, coming close to beating this on a trail marathon last year. More impressively he boasts a better photo to mile ratio than anyone else in the West.


Neil Mcconnell

Long term loyal

Once unable to break 50 mins for a 10K, Run Rhaw loyal Neil has now got his 10K down to 41 mins. Aiming towards an ultra without ever doing a marathon, he's picked up a cool 3:40 marathon time in training.  Lockdown postponed the debut but won't be long until he's hitting the long stuff. 


Joe Goldie

The One Looking For A Chain

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Running Shoes

Dave Goldie

The One That's Joe's Brother

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