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5th February 2024


60 minutes

New Year, New Me, is officially done. After 5 Mondays in January where motivation is high and the Monday Night Rhaw numbers were even higher - are we going to keep it going? 

It's easy to fall off now after having a good first month, but let's get at it!

A little different this week - instead of the short efforts at the end to work on that sprint finish, we have them before a final long effort. This will help mid race when you feel you need to push it to catch a group or runner in front, or make a break away from them. The 4 x 1 min efforts should almost be at max effort, and the final 4 minute effort should match your first efforts. 

Tag us in the socials so we can see your efforts!


Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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