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27th May 2024


60 mins

Well done to all the Dumbarton 10K runners last week. Hopefully the 10K sessions have helped and you've felt some benefit from doing them. 

I was wiped out all of last week with an illness and didn't get to toe the start line. 

As I looked out the window to see the weather that was teaming down - I was still raging I missed it!

After I said the other week about the sauna sessions to prepare for the heat - that wasn't needed! But I'm sure everyone has trained in those conditions over the winter - week in, week out. 

We need to train in the environment that we are going to race for. I'm sure some of those sh*t weather tokens you collected over the winter got cashed in. 

Have you ever been running in a race and the group you are with just start to ease away in front of you? It's much better (in a short race anyway) to make the surge to stay with the group rather than be left battling the wind on your own. 

This weeks session works on that; 

7 mins at 10K pace, then the 2:30s you should run at 10K pace, followed by a surge of pace for 30 second, before a recovery. 

If the loop has people in striking distance in front - surge and try and catch the runner in front. 

See you there!

Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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