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24th June 2024


60 mins

It takes a lot to get to a start line.

It much more than just filling a form in.

It takes months, or years, to get yourself prepped to get there.

Sometimes we make it, sometimes we don't.

And that's ok. You can't feel the highest highs without feeling the lowest lows.

I sometimes feel like a running race is like your life.

At some points you're flying through the miles feeling amazing, and the next step you're struck down and you've never felt worse.

Running is tough, and that's why we love it.

You never know what's ahead of you in life, but it's good to prepare yourself with the tools to cope.

Hopefully this weeks run will help you prep for a race, a long run, or just feel hard enough so when something hard happens in your life, you know you have it in you to work hard when you don't feel like it.

2 mins at half mara effort followed by a minute at 10K effort, then repeat, before a rest.

it's a tough session, but life is tough eh.


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