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22 January 2024


60 minutes

It's almost the best time of the week again - Monday Night Rhaw is almost here. 

We say it all the time - Whatever your level, Whatever the Clouds - well this week the weather gods don't look to be happy and it looks like a wet and windy one. 

If you can turn up and train in these conditions, it makes it all the much easier to race in them come race day. Practice in the terrible conditions and you'll be rewarded on race day. 

The sessions are getting busier and busier - when you're running round please keep to the left and allow enough space for runners to pass on your right hand side - especially if you're running in a group, and be aware of others using the park and those extendable dog leads. 

Hope to see you there; 

The shorter the rep, the greater the pace. 

Please tag me on the socials so I can see everyone's efforts. 

Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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