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20th May 2024


60 mins

The weather has been melting! Hopefully the sun stays out tomorrow night for Monday Night Rhaw!

I've seen over the last week on strava loads of comments about coping with the heat. 

We aren't used to it, and racing or pushing hard at this temp when you're used to the pouring wind and rain isn't easy. 

But we need to prepare for it - when you're aiming towards a race we need to train on the terrain that we are racing. The heat is no different. 

If you've a race coming up and you want some marginal gains - it's worth hitting the sauna.

Here's what I do;

Go your normal run, then head straight for the sauna. 

30 minutes in total - you can leave the sauna if you need to as many times as you like (keep this as short as possible) then once the 30 minutes is over - that's you done. 

This will get your body used to working hard in the heat. Do this 2/3 times a week in the lead up to your race - you'll notice the benefits if it's unseasonably warm on race day. 

Here's this weeks session; 

Longer efforts at 10K pace, shorter efforts at 5K pace. 

Looking forward to seeing you there. 


Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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