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17th June 2024


60 mins

Sometimes it's alright to do everything on your own.

We are all smart people. Generally we know what to do.

Every week someone sends out this email for me. Except this week, I was left to my own devices to do it. It was going great, and if you're reading this then you'll find out I managed fine***

But sometimes we need a little help. And if you need a little help with a little structure, or just looking for that extra 1%, then mon down the Argyle and see if something there can help you. 1730, Vale pool car park, every Monday.

Here's this weeks session;

***Simply not true. I had to phone Chris to sort it as usual. Which is why you're reading this email

We all need help. Get help from those who have a bit more knowledge than you, it'll make all the difference.


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