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15th January 2024


60 minutes

I'm not very good at juggling. I can barely throw two things in the air and catch them continually, never mind 3 or 4. 

The same is the same with life - it's hard to juggle everything that life has for us without dropping something. Home life, kids, work, relaxation time, your exercise routine. It's hard to keep everything up in the air without losing focus on one and letting it go. 

But maybe that's what you should do. I find the times I'm most focussed and effective is when I write down at the start of the week everything that's going on in my life. I then circle the most important ones and then ditch the rest. This doesn't mean I stop going to work for 40 hours a week and not see my kids but if you don't circle doom scrolling on your phone as a priority, it's maybe not worthile spending so much time doing that and you'll have more time to focus on what's important. 

And as you know, nothing is more important than a Monday session! Here is this weeks Monday Night Rhaw:

This is a good test workout to see where your fitness is currently at. Run the 4 minute efforts should be done at your goal race pace (10K) - the short recovery will let you know if you've went too fast. The 2 minute efforts help you see how much you have left and really go for it at the end. 

Please share it to the socials and tag me in it so I can see everyones efforts. 

Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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