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12th February


60 minutes

Not every week is going to be perfect. It's easy to sit at the end of the week and be annoyed that your strava weekly mileage graphy isn't gradually increasing.

More than likely, there will be many up and downs when it comes to your weekly miles, and there may be some weeks in a training block that you don't even log a single mile because of injury, family life, or whatever else comes your way week on week. 

Don't let this get you down - sometimes when this happens it's good to look back at everything you've achieved in the training block. 

You would never look at that and suddenly think you're going to beat Kipchoge just because you've had a good week. The same way you shouldn't look back and think you'll be back to zero fitness just because you've had a bad week or three. 

Anyway, here is this weeks session - hope to see you there; 

A longer effort to start which you should aim for around about your 10K pace, then 4 x 3 mins @ 5K pace, and 2 x 1 min efforts that everyone loves, at your max effort. 

As always, we start together and we finish together. 

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds. 


Run Rhaw

Whatever your level, whatever the clouds.

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