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What is Argyll Monday?

Dave Shaw

20 Oct 2023

Everything You Need to Know about running at Argyll Monday.

Want to know what Argyll Monday is all about? No doubt if you've made it this far you'll have heard a bit about it and hopefully thinking about coming down. I feel your pain. I've been a beginner in so many sports, so many times. Sometimes a beginner in the same sport over and over again. I remember when I was in my mid teens and had decided to join the triathlon club, I was petrified of the open water, and immersing myself in the club, and water at the same time - it was petrifying and I can still remember the panic of braving to put my face in the pike infested waters. I seen it in others at other clubs - people standing over their tee shot terrified of others watching top it off the tee, or at running clubs where it seems like everyone is an elite runner, beginners turn up and everyone runs off and leaves them, uninspired and dejected.

Argyll Monday started because we didn't want that, we didn't want any single person to feel like that on their first night, their last night, or anything in between. We feel what everyone is going through, and that's why we started.


What is Argyll Monday?

Simply - a running session. Not so simply - an introduction to structured training.

Every Monday, 1730 hours, Vale Pool Car Park - what3words - ///securing.perfectly.stages

 What sets us apart from other clubs? Well - I say it every week. Whatever your level, whatever the clouds. What does that mean? It means that no matter if you've never ran and are coming to walk round the session, you'll never be alone.

We run the small loop around Argyll park, you'll never be out of sight of anyone.

All the sessions are time based rather than distance. So no matter your level, we start together, we finish together. Every single time.

A warm up, 20 mins or so of running work, and a sociable cool down.

What's not to love?

So what's actually involved?

The sessions change every week. They are planned in a way that everyone gets something out of it - so if you're ramping it up in preparation of a race, or this is your first time in a session, or you are making the jump from couch to 5K - we've got you.

Sometimes the focus is on improving top end speed, sometimes it's to improve your running strength, or your endurance.

Here are some sample sessions - remember - whatever your level, you will get a benefit of this - and you'll meet some new running buddies to drag you out when you don't feel like it.

Ready to come along?

You know what it's all about now - turn up, work hard, be encouraging to others. If you're availability doesn't allow for you to make 1730 on a Monday - then try some of the sessions above and let me know how you get on. I'd love to hear what you think about the sessions.

1730 hours. Every Monday. Vale pool car park.

The only thing you need is a positive attitude.

See you there.


When you attend a Run Rhaw Event or training session you the participant agree to the following Disclaimer on entry: I declare that I will not compete in the race/training session unless I am medically fit on the day of the race and that, in any event, I will compete at my own risk. I accept that the organisers / sponsors / partners / marshals will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise as a consequence of my participation of the event. Entries are personal to the applicant. I also hereby give my permission to Run Rhaw to use my name, quotes and photographic likeness for marketing and promotional purposes. You agree not to hold the organisers, marshals, volunteers, sponsors or any associated company or organisation working within the framework of the event responsible for any personal injury, sickness or accident suffered, nor the loss of any property on the course, changing areas or event centre. You participate entirely at your own risk and agree not to take part if you are unwell or injured. Participants grant permission for photographs or films to be taken during the event/training session and Run Rhaw reserve the right to use such photographs for publicity or promote future events. All data is stored securely and will not be supplied to any third party. Runners must follow any instructions given by event officials/marshals. Any Participant who retires during the event/training session must ring the race day number or inform a marshal/leader that they have done so. Run Rhaw reserve the right to alter or amend race information or rules before the event/training session and any changes will be published. Failure to follow event rules or cheat in any manner may result in disqualification and will impact your participation at future events.

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