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The Goblet Grilling

Run Rhaw

18 Jan 2024

We catch up with Neil McConnell - the OG Run Rhaw'er and his thoughts about the West Highland Way race.

Run Rhaw - So you're into the West Highland Way race! What's the initial feelings when that email came pinging through?

Neil - Ah shit!! Excitement plus an impending realisation that it may actually be happening!! Was always the plan to give it a go before i hit the big 4 0, excited to get the opportunity!

Run Rhaw - Let's get it out there now - what's your goal for race day? A time goal?

A feeling?  A finish position? What is success for you? -

Neil - Like always there will be a time in mind, will decide on that closer to the race. For this one though its bigger than that, my kids are showing an interest now and they are buzzing for me to give the WHW a whirl. If it instills some ambition in them and shows you can do what you want if you put down a screen and work at it then thats a win.


Run Rhaw - What do you think the biggest challenge will be - either leading up to it or in training?

Neil - Its going to be getting the balance right with family life and training then getting to that awkward point that training will tip the balance. Luckily I have the support and understanding from the better half to allow that to happen.

Run Rhaw - Favourite and worst section of the WHW?

Neil - Worst section the top of Loch Lomond, actually stems from when i walked the WHW but hard to shift the hatred. Favourite has to be Glen Coe. Even if it was midgie tastic during the Devil last year, it is always stunning and reminds you how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things, humbling!

Run Rhaw - When you finish and get the goblet - What drink of choice will you be putting in it?

Neil - What a silly question - the water of life, always!!

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