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The Goblet Grilling

Run Rhaw

26 Feb 2024

We catch up with Richie Darroch and his thoughts about the upcoming West Highland Way race

RR - So you're into the West Highland Way Race! What's the initial feelings when that email came pinging through?

RD - Pretty happy was the first emotion and then I switched straight into planning what I need to do to hit the start line in the best shape possible.

RR - Let's get it out there now - what's your goal for the race day? A time goal? A feeling? A finish position? What is success for you?

RD - Finish it in the same day I started it, so that has to be sub 23 hours. But really the goal is to go out and enjoy it and go home with a goblet.

RR - What do you think the biggest challenge would be? Either leading up to it or in training?

RD - The biggest challenge will be to get the consistency back into my training that has been missing of late, but I know I can do that and make sure I am set up correctly for the race.

RR - Favourite and worst section of the WHW?

RD - Worst section - Milngavie to Drymen, it's a bit of a nothing section no real ups or downs and not much to enjoy about it. Best section - Bridge or Orchy to top of devils stairs case. it's one of the most beautiful places to run and when you lift your head and look around it's hard not to be motivated and inspired.

RR - When you finish and get the goblet - what drink of choice will you be putting in it?

RD - I have a very nice limited bottle of Loch Lomond malt whisky that has been saved for an occasion just like finishing this epic race.

Best of luck with the rest of the training and looking forward to catching up again soon!

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