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RunRhaw meets YHRF Podcast

Chris Sutherland

23 Nov 2023

Listen to Dave on the recent Run Hearts Run Free Podcast, as John & Stevie put him through his paces off the track!

This week's guest Dave Shaw then joins the party as we get a chance to blether all sorts with mostly running related content.

Dave's latest escapade saw him have a magic day out on the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon, 55 miles of mostly canal toe path. Turns out Dave quite like canal toe path, thankfully.

But we get tore right into much more than that including Dave's running back story and then onto the juicy topic of Run Rhaw.

Dave is rightly proud of Run Rhaw, a community he's created in Dumbarton. It's fair to say it's caught fire, Dave tells us all aboout it. Inspirational stuff.

With all your fav YHRF bases covered this belter of a chat with Dave might well light your fire too! In aboot it y'all!

Listen here:

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