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Run Rhaw Argyll Monday Results

Dave Shaw

12 Feb 2023

After a short notice cancellation last month, the opportunity came around to hold The Mile race on 10th February

We were asked loads of times why we were racing a mile - this distance was chosen for the first race simply because there are no other mile races about - so let's make one!

The route chosen was Argyll Park, with one big loop followed by a small loop - taking in two strava segments, with an added incentive of a bonus prize if anyone beat the 2 segment times.

The route is flat, with only about 30ft climbing. Headtorches were needed to make sure the slippy muddy sections could be seen on the bottom part of the course. A freezing cold night with an even chillier wind blowing on the final stretch (which runners done twice) ensured people weren't wanting to hang about, even though many had completed hard sessions earlier in the day. Despite this the long sleeves were ditched by many who braved the short sleeves for some max effort running.

At 1820 the runners were off and the field quickly strung out with a line of headtorches bouncing along the big loop. In less than 3 minutes the lead runners were through the big loop, with Jamie Goudie opening a small gap in front of Denis Coleman, and a string of runners close behind. Michelle Melville was the first female onto the small loop followed by Nicola Crook.

Both of the early leaders managed to hold onto their lead, Jamie crossing the line first in 5:39, and Michelle in 6:32.

Full results here;

Jamie Goudie - 5:39

Denis Coleman - 5:41

Allan Carr - 5:45

Richie Darroch - 5:51

Stephen McBride - 6:01

Chris Sutherland 6:09

Graeme Jenkins - 6:13

Ally Jardine - 6:15

Michelle Melville - 6:32

Nicola Crook - 7:13

Julie McColl - 7:33

Ian Shaw - 7:38

Graeme Gillies - 7:41

Pamela Groat - 8:30

Amy Gray - 9:11

Colin Gray - 9:12

Well done to everyone who ran. Like all Run Rhaw events, these events are aimed at self improvement and to allow people to see their times improving from all the efforts they are putting in over the weeks. The Mile will be revisited in Autumn time, I'll look forward to watching all those times come down. Thanks to Scott for helping with the time keeping, and thanks to everyone who ran.

See you at another event soon!

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