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Results round up

Run Rhaw

27 Mar 2024

Anglo Celtic plate

The team were out working hard at the weekend. The weekend brought the Anglo Celtic Plate to Perth, where it was the 100K and 50K British/Scottish championships. Run Rhaw were (I think) the biggest represented team there - and if not, we certainly had the best support.

Well done to all the supporters who came through to watch people run round in circles for hours.

The 100K was won by International runner Dougie Selman in a world class performance time of 6:34, and the 50K was won in an unbelievable time of 2:48, which is a pace of 5:20 per mile. Both races were won by a sprint finish which showed how competitive the front end was.

But more importantly there were 10 Run Rhaw'ers at the start of the 50K. As we all know, racing is tough, and it's even tougher on a looped course on flat tarmac where there is no respite. Well done to all the runners who were brave enough to hit the start line - that takes a lot to get there.

At 10 bells the race was off with unbelievable support from the side who were feeding and watering the team at every lap.

As tough luck would have it, Denis and Richie D unfortunately dropped with 4 laps and 7 laps to go. As we know, tarmac racing is tough, made even tougher by the warmer than expected weather.

The first Run Rhaw'er over the line was the first ever Run Rhaw'er - Neil McConnell in a time of 3:51, setting a new marathon PB (with no toilet stops) before he makes a return to the trails. 3rd in the age category also to round off an impressive debut.

Also making his debut over the distance was Ally Jardine with a time of 4:03.

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